I think that nowadays far too much importance is placed on a Rebbe.
When we go back to the roots of chassidus, we find that it is there to compliment our avodas Hashem.To make us better people who want to go above and beyond to serve Hashem.THAT is what Chassidut is all about.Some people get that chizuk from eating at their Rebbe's tish.Some get it from learning their Rebbe's works.Some get it from meditating for hours.Some get it from leading lives of complete seclusion.Some get it from building HUGE shuls and giving all their worldy possesions over to a G-dly purpose.But can one not get a little from each?Why does Chassidus have to be so die-cut?Why can't there be a Chabad chosid who learns Breslov too?Or a Gerrer who learns Tanya and sichos of other Rebbeim?What about a Satmar who learns Sfas Emes?Or a Bostoner whose Rav is the Bialar Rebbe?Why can't this be possible?Because of politics.It seems like the chasid's world is ruled by politics.And no, not Obama vs McCain policits.But Rebbe politics.For some reason, I just don't think THIS is what the BeSH'T meant when he told us to spread chassidus.Nowadays, there seems to be such a lack of ahavas yisroel.And Ahavas CHINAM is what we need to rebuild the Beis Hamikdash!Its all about "Well, my rebbe is better than yours."Or "My Rebbe doesn't agree with your Rebbe, so t here must be something wrong with you."Or, and my FAVORITE is, "Well, why would you look at anything other than _______ chassidus. Its obviously the right one!"Hahaha.You see, there is no "right one."Each person's chassidus has to be right for THEM.But all chassidus is right.Because, hopefully, they all aim for the same thing.To draw us closer to Hashem.And make us better as people and as Jews.And so that's my view on chassidus.And what follows, follows.But I can honestly say.That this view is MINE.Its not because I feel some odd obligation to any type of chassidus.Or to certain people.This is me.

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