A funny thing happened on the way to the shteibel...

Don't know why exactly I decided to make that the name of the post, seeing as I haven't been to shul in a while, but I felt like a play on words... See, the other day I was thinking about how it must look to non-Jews or unobservant Jews to see a whole bunch of people walking down PCH on the way to shul on shabbos. Just think about it. For one, if you're a lubob like me, the guys are wearing the wonderful crushed hats that cost a fortune (still don't quite understand the logic behind those things... maybe the Rebbe was trying to help out the economy at the time lol ;) and their tzitzis are flying in the wind. The girls are walking a few steps behind in the nice shabbos skirts and shirts... usually with their shoes off if they live in an area with an eruv, talking animatedly about who knows what. Then there's always that little boy - usually named menach/mendel/menachem/mendy/ (you get the idea) weaving in between people, holding his kipa to his head, darting between the girls (this usually happens the most when the girls have friends over for shabbos), trying to entertain them. Then there is that guy, driving down PCH in his lamborghini (okay, I might be exaggerating a LITTLE) who looks at you all weird. If he's really daring (and its a REALLY hot day) he might even offer you a ride... And then the whole shabbos thing has to be explained making for a pretty awkward situation. On top of this, I once had a teacher who LOVES to sing nigunnim. He is a pretty old Rabbi, and he resembles santa claus (with a HUGE, scraggly, white beard). Whenever I see him on Shabbos or even walking to school he is always singing (with quite a lot of gesticulation might I adD). It must have been quite an experience for a passerby to see HIM and his flock on the way to shul. His son is pretty introverted, and it must have made for a pretty funny scene... Well, don't really know WHY I wrote this, but I was in LA today and it just occurred to me. I guess I'm in a weird mood. Well, thats all folks!