RevolutioNation - Great Beginnings

I am a Jew.
I am a poet.
I am an aspiring graphic designer.
I am a wannabe.

That is me.

RevolutioNation is a blog dedicated to randomness.
The title refers to the Jewish Nation.
The title refers to my nation.
The Jewish people - no matter how small we may be - have always been rebels.
We have been kicked out.
Beaten up.
And who knows HOW many people have tried killing us.
But we have made it - with the help of G-d.
We are always breaking stereotypes.
We are always breaking barriers.
In short, we are a revolution-nation.
Hence this blog.

I am Chabad.
I am a Baalas Teshuva.
I am in love with Judaism.
And I believe that labels are for cans - not for Jews.
One Torah.
One nation.

Peace out!
See you in Yeru!

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